Other Services

Ease of Transaction
Services for book-entry or transfer of funds between accounts in order to meet the interests of the customer. Transfers can be made between Bank Index accounts and from accounts in Bank Index to accounts at other Banks.
Foreign Exchange
Bank Index provides services of buying and selling of various Foreign Currencies in the form of Bank Notes.
Index ATM
The Automated Teller Machines (ATM Index) provide banking transactions in an easy and convenient way through ATM terminals. Bank Index is also a member of ATM Bersama network which has more than 13,000 ATM terminals spread all over Indonesia.
Billing payment on the cards of the bank is interested in being abroad or domestically but the Clearing Item in the Foreign Currency.
Bank Draft
Securities containing unconditional orders from the issuing bank of the draft to another party (interested) to pay the amount of money to a particular person or person designated at a specified time.
Outgoing Transfer
Transfer of funds in foreign currency to accounts in other banks or to other countries.