The key task of the board of commissioners, among others, to supervise the Board of Directors in managing the Bank Index, including providing direction and feedback related to the duties and obligations of the Board of Directors and approval of the Bank's strategic plan. The Board also monitors the implementation of risk management in the Bank, as well as evaluating the findings of internal and external audit and monitor follow-up on the findings.

Bosur Simatupang

President Commisioner

Joko Setiawan


Arief Effendie



The main responsibility of Directors is to manage operations of the Company to achieve the objectives in line with the vision and mission, as well as the core values, preserve wealth Bank, ensuring their internal control structure appropriate, carry out risk management, as well as generally run aktvitas Bank in accordance with the principle of Tata good Corporate governance with regard to the interests of all stakeholders Bank Index.

Compliance Director is not in charge of the operations, and is responsible for ensuring the Bank has complied with all regulations and legislation in force, keeping the Bank's business activities do not deviate from the provisions in force, as well as keeping the Bank's compliance to all agreements and commitments that have been made by the Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Daniel Satyawan

(Acting) President Director

Jusuf Lukito


Ationo Teguh Basuki


Tjipto Santoso


Andreas Danny Soesanto

Director of Compliance

Audit Committee
ChairmanBosur Simatupang
MemberJoko Apriliando
MemberGary Nelson
Risk Monitoring Committee
ChairmanArief Efendi
MemberBosur Simatupang
MemberKadirun Yusuf
Remuneration & Nomination Committee
ChairmanBosur Simatupang
MemberJoko Setiawan
MemberLestari Tobing
Division Head
Treasury Division HeadT. Lamury
Business Strategy Division HeadDarniadi
IT & E-Channel Division HeadMuhammad Jumadi
Operational Division HeadDadan Ichwan Suardi
Human Resource Division HeadLestari Tobing
Business Development Division HeadIwan Luther Papulung
Business Division HeadCipto
Credit Support Division HeadWira Sagaro Husein
Internal Audit HeadTeddy Timotius Mawei