Glance of Bank Index

Bank Index is a national private bank which was established in Jakarta on July 30, 1992, and officially began to provide banking services on August 23, 1993 by occupying the first office in Jalan Asemka No. 18-19, Jakarta Barat.

Consistency of spirit to grow has made Bank Index to continue to develop itself in order to provide more excellent service and quality with emphasis on the principles of prudence and good governance. The fruit of relentless efforts to make improvements as well as a very strong commitment in maintaining the trust has produced predicate Bank Index as "Healthy Bank" during this time.

The focus of the Bank Index is in the commercial sector, retail and consumer. Inside the office network development strategy, Bank Index prioritize the expansion of market share in the segment of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as establish a joint financing with financial institutions such as rural banks (BPR) and finance companies.

One major achievement occurred in 2007 in which Bank Index acquired Bank Harmoni (PT. Bank Harmoni International) to further merged into Bank Index. This shows the efforts of Bank Index in supporting the Indonesian Banking Architecture (API) from Bank Indonesia. With the merger, Bank Index has performed with a new face more solid and bigger office networks.

To date, Bank Index has 52 office networks which are entirely connected on-line and spread in a number of areas, namely the Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Cirebon, Solo, Surabaya, Bali, Batam, Lampung and Palembang. Office network development plan will continue to be conducted in accordance with our commitment to expand market share and provide the best service for clients and prospective customers.

In addition to brick and mortar network development, Bank Index also continues to develop in the areas of Technology and Information Systems (TSI) with a primary focus on electronic delivery channels. Bank Index realize the importance of developing TSI in order to cope with the demands of future banking trends. Bank Index develops facilities and technology to meet customers' needs for fast and efficient service.

In 2008, the Bank has operated ATM (Automated Teller Machine) services at some branches. To further expand the network services, Bank Index also has joined ATM Bersama network so that the holder of Bank Index ATM card can conduct banking transactions at all ATM within ATM Bersama network.

Besides in each of the Bank Index branches provides EDC (Electronic Data Capture) that has functions as a mini ATM and can accelerate the process of deposit and cash withdrawal. Do not stop here, to further improve service to its customers Bank Index has also begun to develop Internet and Mobile Banking and Home Banking services that is expected to be launched in 2017.

All management and employees of Bank Index has strong determination to provide the best service to its customers by utilizing the support of reliable technologies, the role of competent human resources, strong capital structure and implementation of risk management and good governance principles.